May 31, 2018

You gotta try to organize where you can. On Thursdays, I’ll show you guys some small tips and tricks that work in my house. No styling, no clean ups before. Just a quick snapshot of real life in our house.

Three shelved playroom containers with baskets
Playroom containers

I bought this shelf and baskets from Bed, Bath and Beyond for $8 total (thank you 20% off coupons!). It’s in our office/playroom keeping a small puzzle, stuffed animals and little books in their own space.

Change your habitat

Change the habitat, not the habit. Instead of changing your old routines, try to work with them. Organizing CU, a professional organizing company in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, helping you get your house and life organized.

I read this great article back in August and I can’t stop thinking about it:

Stop Trying to Change Your Habits: Change Your Habitat Instead

My favorite thing is that this idea came from one person’s comment on another post. You never know where inspiration will come from! Listen, you know yourself. If you or your family always take your shoes off in the living room, then put a basket there to toss them into. If worn, but not yet dirty, clothes are always left on the floor in one area of the bedroom, then put a laundry basket in that area of the room to keep everything corralled (this one comes from experience – there is a basket in my bedroom!). If mail always ends up on the kitchen counter, put an inbox at the end to keep it in one place.

Give it a try and see if you notice a difference! If you need help figuring out which habit’s habitats could change, contact me today!