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June 7, 2018

Back in the day, we had a very lovely office with a gorgeous roll top desk from Timeless Treasures in Savoy, a separate spare bedroom, and a bunch of extra space in our house. Then, we had a child and everything changed. The office became an office/spare bedroom hybrid. As the kid became more mobile, the office/spare bedroom gave way to a playroom (with the gorgeous desk still present and a blow up mattress taking the place of a full bed). When the kid got big enough to pinch her fingers in the bi-fold closet doors, more changes were had. The doors went to the basement and some curtains were hung in their place:

Closed curtains in front of playroom closet

Closed closet

But behind those curtains is one of my favorite spaces in our house:

Curtains parted to reveal gorgeous shelving unit

The wonderful and beautiful Ikea shelves!

Everything is still so neat and tidy. I’ve been known to go into the room, just to admire how organized everything continues to be, usually under the guise of “writing a check.”

We got the giant 4×4 KALLAX shelves from Ikea. It was a beast to install, mainly because of a mis-measuring on my part. It was finally put together INSIDE THE CLOSET. The next owners of our house are going to have to break this thing down to get it out. But seriously, who would take out this giant piece of gorgeous storage?

On top of the closet shelf, I keep extra pillows and the aforementioned blow up mattress (it has a bag that it allegedly fits in, but who can ever get them inside?? It stays sort of folded). The clear bins are art and craft supplies for me and the kid. We have a row of office supplies storage and then towards the bottom, some toys and books for when the kid is older.

As you can see, we’ve still got some empty space because as I can already tell, more changes are coming our way. With a kid, they always are.

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