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June 28, 2018

As I’ve said time and time again, babies come with a lot of stuff . Luckily, most of their stuff is pretty little. In my kid’s dresser, I can fit most of the clothing in just one of the drawers, leaving lots of storage in the other ones. Since we just used a short, 3 drawer dresser as a changing table, we keep changing necessities in the top drawer:

Top drawer of dresser featuring changing necessities: Diapers, wipes, desitin, diaper pail refills, all where you need them

As an infant, we kept most of this stuff on a separate cart next to the dresser, but as she ages, we aren’t changing nearly as often. (I guess I need to start planning what to do in this drawer and the top of it for when she doesn’t need any diapers!)

In the middle drawer , we keep all the current clothing:

Current sizes of kids clothing in dresser

The general set up is shirts on the left (long sleeve on the top, short sleeve on the bottom), bottoms in the middle (pants on top, shorts on bottom), and pajamas on the right. Note how poorly they’re folded. She’s at the stage where she will say no to certain clothing and then want a different shirt. I’m not going to spend time folding her clothes all cutesy when they will either be thrown back in here or have food/toothpaste on them within a minute. Some things, you just need to let go. This is one of mine. #noapologies

The bottom drawer is, in my mind, the most important drawer:

Kid dresser, bottom drawer, next size up

We keep the next size up in here. This is crucial because then you are never trying to find the next size when the kid happens to grow overnight! When you put the clothes in here, you can do a quick inventory of seasonality and you will know exactly what you’re missing before your kid needs it!

3 thoughts on “June 28, 2018

  1. Jessica F

    This seems like a great organization strategy for a little one. Drawers have always seemed a little frustrating, but lately I’ve found some strategies that work for my adult-sized clothes. I switched to folding shirts such that they pack in like file folders, so I can see all of them and there’s not just the couple on top that I tend to grab. I also use bins for socks and undies to keep them under control. I like your strategy of accepting that frequent wardrobe changes and mild indecision means not everything is nicely folded all the time. Spending time with your kid instead of refolding all her shirts seems like a good choice. 😉

    1. Organizing CU Post author

      I have recently started rolling my tank tops and leggings for the same reason!
      Love the file folding method – that would be great for my husband’s workout shirts.

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