One Step Closer

Quote by Robert Collier: Success is the sum of small efforts. Repeated day in and day out.

Transformation doesn’t come in one big step. It comes as a result of a thousand small ones. Every single step is one step closer to your goal. Many of my clients want to jump in and get everything organized in the entire house and garage in one day. It’s a great way to feel completely overwhelmed. Your house didn’t become disorganized in a day (though it sometimes feels like it!), so don’t count on it becoming organized in a day. My technique is to work as hard as we can for a few hours and then give manageable little projects to do during the time between visits. It will help teach some good habits and hold you accountable!

I know it’s sometimes tough to see that the little things add up, such as making your bed in the morning. Or that donating one shirt a week will make a dent in your closet. But it does. Just like losing weight, it comes off a little bit at a time. At first, it’s hard to see any real change. It will be the same with your clutter. Slowly, it will start to disappear, little by little.

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. If you need some help either taking that first step or moving beyond it, contact me today.

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