Digital clutter: computers and laptops

Desktop with icons filling the entire screen

There is so much unnecessary stuff on computers! One of the computers at my work has iTunes pop up every time you log on. As you can imagine, we are not using iTunes as part of our job. But it’s one of those default settings that magically appears sometimes. Sadly, I am not an administrator on that computer so I can’t change it. But I can change ones on my own personal computer.

First, you can stop those random programs from running when you start the computer. For windows, check this out. If you have a mac, it’s a little different.

Second, go onto your internet browser and check out the bookmarks. There are probably ones that you have never used or way too many of them! I like to try to group them into categories, such as work websites, parenting ones, health ones, etc. Make some folders and group them in a way that makes sense to you.

Third, delete any documents and programs you don’t need any longer. If you have old resumes that you don’t need, maybe your kids have some projects on there. Get rid of them. Not only are they clutter, but if you have enough large programs on there, it may interfere with the speed of your computer.

Last, take a look at your desktop. Delete any unused shortcuts. The desktop should be used as a temporary storage for a document, like a project you’re currently working on. If you need everything easily accessed, put them into a folder. I have a work “OCU” folder on my desktop with upcoming blog posts, templates, logos, etc. I don’t need each individual document on the desktop, but I reference and upload them enough that they need to be readily available. So I like to use just one folder with subfolders.

Or if you realize that you can get rid of the entire computer, you can do what I did recently. Think about the last time you actually opened up your laptop or desktop at home. You may be surprised about how infrequently it gets used!

If you feel overwhelmed by your digital clutter, contact me today to help you get it under control!

3 thoughts on “Digital clutter: computers and laptops

  1. Donna Donnelly

    Another ‘keeper’ article for later when I need it….and I’m sure I will need it! I will refer back to your webpage, under computer?

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