The Importance of Slowing Down

The importance of slowing down

I have slowly become one of those people: an early riser. My alarm typically goes off at 5:00 am. It’s not because I enjoy getting up early. Because it’s not that. It’s because I need to have some me time before my day begins, which is in short supply the remainder of the day. Other than my drive from school to work and back again (during which time I try to check in with my parents), I am around people basically until I go to bed at night. As an outgoing introvert that needs to recharge frequently, I love having that hour in the morning during the week that I can use for just me.

As we are getting past Halloween, we are officially entering the holiday season. How many things are on there? Is there any time for you? Is there any time for your kid to just play? Just relax? If you’re a parent, you may not even think about the fact that your kid may be an introvert and need some down time. They are constantly on the go from one activity to another, just like us. It’s time to give everyone a break.

Here’s my challenge to you. Take a look at your calendar and find the next completely open weekend. And then mark it as a slow weekend. The entire thing. Friday night, all day Saturday, all day Sunday. Do not add another thing to it. At all. No plans, no errands, no rushing. Do not plan any events before the day. Ask yourself how you see the day going and what your perfect day would look like. Ask your kids that morning what they want to do if they could do anything that day.

I understand that you may still need to do some grocery shopping or meal prepping for the week. Or that you may need to run a few loads of laundry. But resist the urge to stop by the dry cleaners on your way home from the park. Don’t run to Walmart for some batteries. Don’t tackle any home improvement projects (unless your whole family loves doing them together!). Give yourself and your family a weekend to just be together and enjoy a slow weekend of doing nothing. You all may enjoy it more than you think. It may become a new routine.

If you need to slow down, contact me today to find out how I can help you!

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5 thoughts on “The Importance of Slowing Down”

  1. Thanks for highlighting the existence of outgoing introverts! I think are more outgoing that I am, but I identify with this description. It’s terribly confusing to most people who assume introversion means never leaving your house. I like to say that for a friendly introvert, being around people is like playing sports or going for a hike – you can definitely have fun but after a while you get tired and need to rest. 🙂

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