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November 15, 2018

Creating a kitchen corner for the kids is key

I’m a fan of giving your kids some (note: some, not most or all) space around the house. I’ve already shared part of my living room, but I also love to give some space in the kitchen. When my kid is hungry, she goes right over to her bin and gets out a plate for us. She puts it away after it’s been washed.

Since forks are still a little troublesome, we still use the high chair tray and bib at every meal. On the middle shelf, there are just some miscellaneous teethers and small toys in the bin, but eventually, I want to put some snacks in there. We’re not there yet – she’s still a little too messy! The washcloths help keep our paper towel usage down a little. The bottom shelf has all of her plates, bowls, cups (gray bin) and the plastic containers for her school snacks (pink bin).

Getting her on the organizing train when she’s young will hopefully save us  a lot of trouble down the line!

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