Does your home drain you?

Does your home drain you?

HGTV does an Urban Oasis sweepstakes every year. They create a home in a new city and pair it with cars, cash, and other prizes. In 2017, they had over 65 MILLION entries. Clearly, having a calm and relaxing home is important to a whole lot of people.

When you come home after a long day of work or running errands, are you immediately transported to your happy place? Do you give a sigh of relief when you walk in the door? 

Or are you saying stuff like this:

  • “I can never find _______”
  • “I’m tired of __________”
  • “I have no place for ___________”
  • “I hate this _____________”

If you’re like most people, I’m guessing it’s the latter and you’re frustrated that you can’t keep your home organized to make it that oasis that you dream about. 

Start by asking if there is any place in your home that you really enjoy and why. For me, I love my kitchen. Mainly, it’s because the counters are (typically!) clear and ready for me to start cooking, which needs to happen as soon as I get home from work. I hate looking at the bookshelves in our living room because there is just too much stuff on them. Guess what a good solution would be for the shelves? 

Think about the different ways that you can take parts of your favorite places in your home and make them work in some of your not-as-loved areas. Bringing that little bit of joy to a new room may make a huge difference, turning your blah into an oasis.

If you want some help making your home into an oasis, contact me today!

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