I started Organizing CU in order to help change people’s lives by helping get their homes organized. Here’s what others are saying about Organizing CU:

The organization of my closet has literally changed my life. I know where everything is, it is easily maintained, and makes my mornings SO much smoother. I do not have an elaborate closet, but it is functional and practical.

Maggie with Organizing CU was such an angel to work with.

Nicole Gorman, The Gorman Guide and Above Able

Maggie was one of the best decisions we made last year! Though decluttering and organizing took time I thought at first we didn’t have, I realized how much time in the long run it has saved us not having to constantly declutter and organize the same items since we did it thoroughly with Maggie. It was worth it to have someone along side, helping guide our decluttering and organizing process. Maggie was great at asking the hard questions without being judgemental (that’s hard to do!) It was very helpful to have an outside perspective.

Christina B., Savoy

Maggie came over for a free consultation and in that hour alone completely shifted my entire perspective of my home. In addition to housing our little family, our house also serves as the home base for my growing business. With Maggie’s guidance, we finally have a clear vision of how our home can serve both purposes while still being functional, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. I would hands down recommend her to anyone!

Leah L., Champaign

Maggie was awesome, not just coming in and saying “here’s what you can do.” She took the time to find out what would be functional for me and easier to not only organize, but maintain.

Karen H., Savoy

Maggie helped us understand what we wanted from the space and gave us ideas on how to create zones that would make the space seem bigger and more useful. She left us with a to-do list that made the project much more manageable and not nearly as overwhelming.  Now our son can play safely while we’re up there doing other things, and we can all enjoy the space together (which was always the goal).  

Jana L., Urbana

Maggie is amazing! She helped my fiancé and I organize, combining our two households into one with such ease and grace. She made what felt like an impossible task manageable and organized. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Lauren K., Champaign