About Me

My name is Maggie. As a organized soul from childhood, I want to help others find routines and habits that lead to a happy, organized home. Two years ago, I would have said there was no way I would be a small business owner.

But after starting my own family, I realized that I have an amazing organizing ability that I want to share with all of you to help make your lives a little easier and happier. And so I became a professional organizer!

Working with only a couple of clients at a time gives me an opportunity to focus on each of you individually and truly personalize your routines so they can be kept up over time. With my reduce, arrange, maintain philosophy, I work on all three aspects with my clients so they can stay organized in the long run.

From the moment of the free consultation to end of our sessions when you have an organized space, it’s my goal to work with you every step of the way so you get the full benefit of my experience and insights.

Please contact me if you have any questions about me or if you want to set up your free consultation. I also enjoy talking to people on my Facebook and Instagram pages. I’d love to hear from you!