Hi! I’m Maggie and I get it

Getting organized is HARD! You’ve tried to get organized before. You’re lacking motivation to get started. You need a fresh set of eyes on your project.

You WANT to be organized, but you’re stuck. You don’t have the time to do it because all moms are short on time. I get it.

I’m Maggie, a busy working mom who understands the struggle of trying to juggle all of it.

I love to help you focus on your individual issues and personalize routines so they can be kept up over time. With my reduce, arrange, maintain philosophy, I discuss all three aspects so you can stay organized in the long run.

And it gives me time to watch terrible movies and drink wine on the couch, with the occasional gardening session.

From the moment you first pop onto my website to your final organized space, it’s my goal to help guide you every step of the way.

I truly believe EVERYONE (including you!) can get organized.