Electronic Organization

Electronics are everywhere. You’re reading this on one right now. Your kids can use them (maybe even better than you). We’re lost without them. They’ve become such an integral part of our lives.

But we can feel overwhelmed by them sometimes. Notification after notification. Phone vibrating at 2 am. Too many emails to respond to.

We tend to fill our homes until they’re packed full and our electronic spaces are no different. Except they have endless capacity. With tens of gigabytes of storage, our cell phones can take thousands of pictures and our inboxes can keep just as many emails.

This four part mini-training is all about taking away that overwhelm and giving you specific guidance on where to start and how to tackle each area. Together, we will get your electronic life in order. 

At under 30 minutes each, these simple projects don’t take a lot of time and are easy enough to do as you’re re-watching your favorite show for the third (or fourth!) time.

Let’s get organized!