How a Work Bag can De-stress Your Busy Mornings

How a work bag can de-stress your busy mornings

Think about your dream morning that does not involve mimosas. Calmly leaving the house early, kids getting ready on their own, everything going smoothly. You can’t predict any kid meltdowns, but you can control how prepared you are.

Having a drop zone in your home with an organized work bag will certainly move you in the right direction. A work bag is basically like a big purse, but for your job. It has everything you need for work, such as your laptop, charger, papers. No wallet, no sunglasses, no IDs. Only work items.

As soon as you get home, empty out your work bag. Put away anything that is staying home. When you’re done with the work items at home, they immediately go back into the bag. No more forgetting work stuff at home. No more losing stuff at the bottom of your purse. No more heavy purse with all the work stuff weighing it down when you’re at dinner.

The same concept can apply to kid’s book bags. Go through them right away, taking out anything that needs to be done or addressed, returning it right away. In the morning, it’s one less thing to have to get on them about (please, please, please, just put your shoes on).

When combined with the nighttime sweep, your work bag will make your morning routines run much smoother. If you need help working on your family’s routines, contact me.

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